Tour in the destroyed Palestinian village - Iqit

02/10/2010 - attended by dozens of members of Zochrot associations and many others from the community members of Iqrit village was held on Saturday 02/10/2010, that after the end of the ceremony of Holy Mass in the village church. This activity of Zochrot is part of its endeavor to raise awareness and expand knowledge about the Nakba of the Palestinian refugees to allow the Israeli public to know the history of the place not only from Zionist perspective.

On this occasion a 3 languages booklet was produced, tells the story of Iqrit from testimonies of refugees and emissions, the booklet was divided among the participants during a tour of the ruins of the village and in light of hearing the tragic story of the evacuation from the village elders.

During the tour participants marked the village's main sites, a school, an olive press, barn, a cemetery and church.

This booklet was produced as part of a task, in partnership with Zochrot and "Iqrit Community Association” aiming to reopen the case of Iqrit to a discussion in the public sphere.

This carried out by Mr. Omar Ighbarieh and Miss Raneen Jeryes from Zochrot in cooperation with the Iqrit Community Association members.


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