Sixty two years for Iqrit evacuation – Refugees meeting

In an exciting atmosphere, the refugees of Iqrit hold a meeting on Saturday 06/11/2010 in order to remember and to share the tragic feelings of the evacuation they experienced 62 years ago, when the trucks of the Israeli army transferred the inhabitants to Rame village for two weeks that didn't end yet despite that 62 years had ended.


The social activity began on the cemetery of Iqrit, then a tour between the remains of the destroyed village towards the old church of Iqrit were they shared a prayer.


The old people who lived the evacuation took part in a social workshop guided by Kokab Khoury and Khalil Sbait .


The eldest refugees shared the audience with their feelings , struggles , dreams and hopes .


Imad Yaqub – the chairman of Iqrit People Committee reinforced the audience and emphasized the power of these meetings of the people of Iqrit.

Dr. Ibraheem Attallah – spokesman of Iqrit people committee said that this event is an another link in a tall chain that our grandparents started it in order to keep the heritage of Iqrit .



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