The UN is answered the request of "Iqrit community Association" and requests from Israel government.., answers, concerning the case of Iqrit

The council of economic / social affairs of the UN, which is responsible on the international Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, divert questions to Israel state, concerning Iqrit & Bera'm case, question text below:

Please explain why, despite a 1951 Supreme Court decision and the 1993 Libai Committee findings, there has been no progress in finding a satisfactory solution towards granting the petition of Palestinians with full Israeli citizenship seeking permission to return to their original towns of Iqrit and Bir’im. In addition, please comment on information that the newly-enacted legislation—the Israel Land Administration Law (2009)—enables the State to sell land that belongs to Palestinian refugees and Palestinian citizens of Israel who have been internally displaced. 

It is important to point out, that including the subject of Iqrit in the UN reports is due to a common work and cooperation with "ADALAH" and "SHATIL" organizations.



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