Iqrit Youth Announcing their Return

Iqrit Youth Announcing their Return

Since the fifth of August 2012 a large group of Iqrit youth decided to return to their home village Iqrit. It is an actual return which aims to stay, to guard the land, the church and the cemetery.

On the facebook page of the group it was written: "Nakba or not Devide decision or not if the State of Israel agrees and if not we announced our return".


The youth made their decision out of their belief that they are returning to their parents and grandparents land. It is their right and the Israeli High Court also approved that already in 1951.

The "Iqrit residents" are living in the church and in another one room next to the church. they are surviving very hard conditions, lack of electrecety and drinking water. they are cleaning the area and planting trees and vagetables for their personal needs.

link to the youth page on facebook

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