Zochrot - Tour to the Palestinian destroyed village Iqrith and meeting with refugees

סיור בכפר הפלסטיני ההרוס אִקְרִת'

ומפגש עם עקורים מהכפר


עמותת "זוכרות" ועמותת קהילת אקרת'

מזמינים את הציבור הרחב להשתתף בסיור לימודי בכפר הפלסטני ההרוס אקרת'


שבת 2 אוקטובר 2010

הביקור יתחיל בשעה 12:00 ויסתיים סביב השעה 15:00

האירוע יכלול סיור בין שרידי הכפר בהדרכת פליטים מאקרת', למידת ההיסטוריה והנכבה של הכפר, הצבת שלטים לציון הכפר ואתריו העיקריים, חלוקת החוברת "זוכרות את אקרת'" שהופקה במיוחד לרגל האירוע.

הסעה מאורגנת תצא מתל אביב

בשעה 9:00 מתחנתהרכבת ארלוזורוב

חזרה משוערת לתל אביב 18:30

נקודת מפגש: המגיעים/ות באופן עצמאי ייפגשו בכניסת הכפר (מול המושב שומרה) בשעה 12:00 


להרשמה ולפרטים נוספים

זוכרות:03- 6953155 

עֻמר: 8743099 - 052

جولة في القرية المهجرة إقرث ولقاء مع مهجرين من القرية


جمعية "زورخروت" (ذاكرات) وجمعية أهالي إقرث


تدعوان الجمهور للمشاركة في زيارة تعليمية للقرية الفلسطينية المهجرة إقرث


السبت2 أكتوبر/ تشرين أول 2010

تبدأ الزيارة الساعة 12:00 وتنهي حوالي الساعة 15:00

يشمل البرنامج جولة بين أنقاض القرية بإرشاد مهجرين من إقرث، سماع قصة القرية وتاريخها ونكبتها، نصب لافتات لإحياء ذكرى القرية ومعالمها الرئيسية، توزيع الكتيب "ذاكرات إقرث" الذي أصدر خصيصاً لهذه الزيارة.


سفر منظم من تل أبيب الساعة 9:00 من محطة القطار أرلوزوروف

عودة متوقعة إلى تل أبيب الساعة 18:30

نقطة تجمع للراغبين/ات بالوصول بشكل مستقل: مدخل القرية (مقابل موشاب شومره) الساعة 12:00


للتسجيل ولمزيد من التفاصيل يمكن الاتصال بمكتب

زوخروت 6953155 - 03

أو لمركـّز الجولات، عمر اغبارية 8743099-052


Tour to the Palestinian destroyed village Iqrith and meeting with refugees

Zochrot and Iqrith community association invite the public to take part in a study tour in the Palestinian destroyed village of Iqrith

Saturday, October 2nd 2010

The tour will begin on the site of the village at 12:00, and end at about 15:00.

We'll meet refugees of Iqrith and hear the story of the village and its Nakba, we'll erect signs to commemorate the village and distribute "Remembering Iqrith", a booklet prepared for the occasion.



Transportation leaves the Arlozorov train station in Tel Aviv at 9:00

(back in Tel Aviv about 18:30)

Participants in the tour were to meet  at the entrance to Iqrith

(facing the intrace of Moshav Shomera) at 12:00


To register for the tour, and for more information Contact: 

Zochrot's office: 03- 695 3155 

Umar Ighbariyyeh, coordinator of the tours: 052-874 3099


Tour in the destroyed Palestinian village - Iqit

02/10/2010 - attended by dozens of members of Zochrot associations and many others from the community members of Iqrit village was held on Saturday 02/10/2010, that after the end of the ceremony of Holy Mass in the village church. This activity of Zochrot is part of its endeavor to raise awareness and expand knowledge about the Nakba of the Palestinian refugees to allow the Israeli public to know the history of the place not only from Zionist perspective.

On this occasion a 3 languages booklet was produced, tells the story of Iqrit from testimonies of refugees and emissions, the booklet was divided among the participants during a tour of the ruins of the village and in light of hearing the tragic story of the evacuation from the village elders.

During the tour participants marked the village's main sites, a school, an olive press, barn, a cemetery and church.

This booklet was produced as part of a task, in partnership with Zochrot and "Iqrit Community Association” aiming to reopen the case of Iqrit to a discussion in the public sphere.

This carried out by Mr. Omar Ighbarieh and Miss Raneen Jeryes from Zochrot in cooperation with the Iqrit Community Association members.


ICA Filing a lawsuit against the ILA and the Electric Company

10/2010 - Iqrit Community Association , represented by lawyer Geries Farah turned to court against the Israeli Electricity Company and the Israeli Land Administration for rejecting the Association's request to connect the church of Iqrit to the local electricity network, claiming that the land of the church is a conflict area .

During the last two years the Association made several contacts with the two offices above and Mr. Farah turned to the minister of infrastructures in order to solve the problem , since his repeated requests were rejected a dissection was made to turn into the legal system by the Israeli court in order to solve the electricity problem of the church of Iqrit.

Sixty two years for Iqrit evacuation – Refugees meeting

In an exciting atmosphere, the refugees of Iqrit hold a meeting on Saturday 06/11/2010 in order to remember and to share the tragic feelings of the evacuation they experienced 62 years ago, when the trucks of the Israeli army transferred the inhabitants to Rame village for two weeks that didn't end yet despite that 62 years had ended.


The social activity began on the cemetery of Iqrit, then a tour between the remains of the destroyed village towards the old church of Iqrit were they shared a prayer.


The old people who lived the evacuation took part in a social workshop guided by Kokab Khoury and Khalil Sbait .


The eldest refugees shared the audience with their feelings , struggles , dreams and hopes .


Imad Yaqub – the chairman of Iqrit People Committee reinforced the audience and emphasized the power of these meetings of the people of Iqrit.

Dr. Ibraheem Attallah – spokesman of Iqrit people committee said that this event is an another link in a tall chain that our grandparents started it in order to keep the heritage of Iqrit .



Iqritians renovate church of Iqrit

A group of Iqrit inhabitants had a five days' workshop in renovating the church of Iqrit . Inhabitants from all age groups took part in this project as a symbolic step for their insistence to keep their struggle until they fulfill their vision and get there rights back by returning to their homeland Iqrit.


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