Request for approval and paving the roads

10/2009 - Iqrit Community Association represented by Engineer Mbada Atallah submitted a detailed plan in order to approve a license for the road leading to the church. In addition, requested for an approval for paving the road leading to Iqrit cemetery. 

It should be noted that the submission of the plans was after receiving an approval from the engineer of Ma'ale Yosef Regional Council


Iqrit Community Association established first meeting to present a master plan for Iqrit

20/03/2010 - Iqrit Community Association invited all community members to participate in the first meeting of series meetings dealing with designing a master plan for Iqrit village. This project is under the supervision of Dr. Yousef Jabareen – a senior lecturer in the Technion.

Dr. Jabareen revealed the project in front of the community members and listened to their disfavors and recommendations. The meeting took place in the Greek catholic church’s hall, Haifa. Dozens of Iqritians attended the meeting.

The old western spring of the village was exposed

24/07/2010 - A group of Iqritinians succeeded to locate and to expose the old western spring of the village that became invisible, covered by mud and stones in order to protect the cows of the landlord who rents the land of the destroyed village Iqrit to graze his own cows.

Phase 1 - 2005

Phase 2 - 2010

A group of architecture engineers visited Iqrit

06/08/2010 - A group of engineers and Technion’s Archeticture faculty students visited Iqrit along with Dr. Jabareen – the project organizer. The purpose of the visit was touring in the destroyed village and prepare an initial draft for the area.

The young engineers worked for two days and stayed in tents near Iqrit church together with Iqrit’s root camp children.


The 14th Roots (Aljothor) camp

08/08/2010 - Iqrit Community Association, along with active members of the community, held the annual roots camp in Iqrit. This year is the 14th camp taking place in Iqrit.

The camp starts on Wednesday, 4th of August, and ends on Sunday, 8th August.

150 community members, 8 to 20 years old, took an active part in the camp.

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