Demonstration in the Knesset

On Monday, October 14, 2013 in the Israeli Knesset openning of its winter cycle, the people of Iqrit and Kufur Biri'em arranged a demonstration in front of the Knesset in Jerusalem to remind the members of the Knesset with


The Iqrit Festival


On Saturday, September 18th, 2013 the first cultural festival of the village of Iqrit was held in positive atmosphere with the attendance of almost 300 participants from the Iqrit community and it's supportive.


Paving the road leading to the church of Iqrit

21/11/2008 - Many members of Iqrit community gathered up and paved the road leading to Iqrit church. Total length of the paved road is 165 meters.



Destruction of the road leading to the church

15/12/2008- During the night, Bulldozers of Maali Yousef local council destroyed the road leading to Iqrit church. The destruction starts after mid night and was finished before dawn. 

In reaction, Iqrit community decided to pave the road instantly and declared a demonstration and general meeting in Iqrit. 

The road was paved before the end of the same day.


Meeting with the Director of Israel Land Administration

09/2009- A representative group of Iqrit Community Association included Mr. Imad Yaqub ,Mr. Ashkar Nemi, Mr. George Sbait, Mr. Nabil Toumie and Mr. Jareer Ayub held a meeting with the director of the Israeli lands administration in his office in Nazareth to deal with the ordered demolition of the temporary buildings next to the church of Iqrit . it was agreed that the orders will not be implemented in condition that other new buildings won't be built in the future without the required confirms.

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