The International Conference of YWCA - Palestine


A group of 60 participants of the international conference organized by the YWCA in Palestine took part in the Mass in Iqrit Church and on a tour in the Iqrit cemetery and between the demolished homes of Iqrit.


The 19th annual summer camp in Iqrith

For the 19th year, also this year, Iqrit Community Association, together with the yout had arranged the annual summer camp on the Iqrit land. The area around the Church turned into their home for the period of five days while enjoying the tours in the Iqrith lands, learning about the history of the case and enjoying the art workshops during the days and the art shows during the nights. 

Agroup of Arab Palestinian artists arrived to express solidarity and to hold workshops.

More than 100 participants took part in the camp and dozens of visitors and supportive groups arrived as well.

ADRID tour in Iqrit

Today, Saturday 14, June 2014, representatives of HRA, ADRID and ICA took part in a tour in the village of Iqrit as a part of a joint action of the three organization supported by HEKS EPER


Police forces arrest three young men in Iqrit



This morning on 8 June, Israeli police forces raided Iqrith. Police uprooted trees, confiscated or destroyed personal belongings and arrested the three Palestinians  present in the village till the court in the morning after.


Patriarch El Rai'e visiting Iqrit

Patriarch Bishara Elraie arrived for a short visit to Iqrit village with a large group of priests to express solidarity towards Palestinian Christians in the state of Israel.


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